Lake Chelan is the 11th AVA (American Viticultural Area) in Washington State. This designation is an appellation of origin granted by the Federal government (more specifically the TTB). An AVA is a area with unique climate, soil and physical features that distinguish it from surrounding areas. The idea is that what is produced within an AVA is specific to that place and would not be the same grown somewhere else.
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Lake Chelan Wine History Timeline

Who planted the first vines in Lake Chelan? Which tasting brought international attention to our wines? Visit our historical timeline to learn how this unique wine region has developed through the years.

2019 Lake Chelan Wine Alliance Student Scholarship

The Lake Chelan Wine Alliance is dedicated to the growth of the wine industry in the Chelan Valley.  This includes supporting wineries, wine makers, grape growers and all others who contribute to the health of the industry.

The scholarship committee will award one scholarship of at least $1000 to a graduating senior who either plans to pursue a career in the wine industry and/or has a family member that works in the industry.

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